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General information
Carbon Cake LLC is a company duly formed in the territory of the Russian Federation and legally carrying out its activities in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation, hereinafter referred to as SYRE, is a manufacturer and developer of carbon bicycles, components and related equipment.

The general terms and conditions contained in this section are intended to regulate our interaction with you (our customers) on ridesyre.com and apply to future deals with SYRE as well as to visiting ridesyre.com. The rights to change the terms and information posted are reserved to SYRE.

All offers made by SYRE are obligation-free. The agreement will take effect as soon as SYRE confirms the order you have posted on the SYRE website.

The agreement between you and SYRE includes these general terms and conditions published by SYRE on its website ridesyre.com and any further arrangements confirmed by the parties by electronic correspondence, e-mails.

If you do not provide all the necessary data upon SYRE’s request, SYRE has the right to accept or reject your order at its sole discretion.

Force majeure
The agreement between SYRE and you is not permanent and may be terminated by either party. Force majeure can take the form of civil wars, government regulations, industrial unrest and power failures, as well as other factors and natural disasters that are beyond SYRE’s control. In the event of such force majeure circumstances, SYRE obligations are deferred for the duration of such circumstances, however, we will try our best to fulfill our obligations as fast as possible.

Prevailing law
SYRE operates within the framework of Russian legislation. Therefore, the customer shall accept to involve Russian courts for making a decision during any conflict. Perhaps there is a discrepancy in laws between your country and the Russian Federation that may require you to understand Russian law.

SYRE cannot guarantee that the color you see on the site accurately reflects the true color of the product. This is because each monitor or smartphone has a different ability to display colors and everyone sees those colors differently.
SYRE may change the specifications of parts or the manufacturer’s brand.

If your order will contain an error such as the value of the product or its quantity, don’t worry, please email us at order@ridesyre.com so we can eliminate all errors in your order.

Disclaimer and Limitation of Liability
SYRE bicycles can be dangerous in use so please note the following:
– All riders must be able to ride well within their capacities, without ever going beyond them.
– SYRE bikes are recommended for people aged 18 years and older and weighing up to 100 kg.
– Always wear a certified helmet.
– Never carry passengers.
– Never do stunt riding.
– Never combine riding with alcohol or drugs. It’s illegal and dangerous.
– Avoid excessive speed and be especially careful in difficult terrain.
– Don’t modify your bike. All modifications and installations are at your own risk.
– By purchasing and/or riding SYRE bikes, you assume full responsibility for any use and/or misuse of the product and agree that SYRE (Carbon Cake LLC) shall not be liable for any consequences, legal or otherwise, of such use and/or misuse.

Finally, carefully study the user manual, follow all the instructions contained in it and enjoy your bike!

Payment and pricing
Payment can be made through a special link in our e-mail that you will receive after you send us your request.

For goods shipped within the territory of the Russian Federation, all prices include taxes and other charges unless otherwise stated. Prices listed on ridesyre.com and in the advertisements are subject to change without prior notice. The price charged for the order will correspond to the price in force at the time of its registration.

For goods shipped outside the Russian Federation, all prices do not include local taxes and import duties.

A prepayment of 500 USD will let you book a place in the queue and become one of the customers who will get our first products (SYRE frameset/bicycle and/or additional accessories), and also confirm your commitment. It will also let us set up and optimize our production process the best way possible. After receiving your deposit we will contact you to confirm your order and discuss eventual additional options, and you will be able to ask us any questions you might have. The final value of the item(s) will be indicated in the confirmation of your order sent to your email address.

The delivery cost depends on the country where the goods are delivered and is an additional cost relative to the cost of the goods.

Please remember that you are responsible, including any additional costs, for any taxes and import duties upon receipt of SYRE products in accordance with the laws of the country you designate as your delivery country.

Once we receive final payment from you, the item will be shipped to the address specified in your order. We will keep you informed of the expected delivery date and send notifications when the frame/bike is delivered.

Refund of prepayment
Within 14 calendar days from the date of prepayment you have the right to cancel the order and refund the prepayment in full.

Upon expiration of 14 calendar days after the prepayment of the order you can also cancel your order, in this event a penalty of 50% (fifty percent) of the prepaid sum will be withheld for unilateral refusal to perform obligations under the Agreement.

Prepayment may not be transferred or assigned to a third (other) person

SYRE Global Warranty
– Each SYRE frame and fork is subject to a lifetime warranty for the first owner. The warranty applies to any manufacturing defect during the lifetime of the product.
– Other components under the SYRE brand are provided with a 1-year warranty.
– A 3 months warranty is provided on the paintwork.

Important warranty additions to the warranty
– The warranty is not applicable unless you are the original owner.
– The warranty is non-transferable to third parties and applies only to new SYRE bicycle frames and components purchased from an authorized SYRE seller or directly from ridesyre.com.
– Other parts, including wheels and components that do not have the brand name SYRE, are not subject to this warranty. Claims for these products should be sent directly to the agencies of the respective brands/manufacturers.
– Shipping costs are never included in the warranty terms.
– The warranty period does not start again after the replacement of the product.
– SYRE is responsible for its products and we want to be sure that you are completely satisfied. However, SYRE reserves the right to refuse the performance of warranty obligations if it considers that a particular case is an abuse of the guarantee policy.

What is not covered by the warranty?
– Replacement of worn parts and spare parts.
– Damage in fall or accident, or other accidental damage, as well as damage from improper use or transportation.
– Technically modified bike, including unoriginal painting.
– Damage caused by the installation of incompatible or non-original parts.
– Damage caused by absence/delay of maintenance or improper maintenance and configuration of components, including due to improper pumping or non-observance of the recommended tire pressure.
– Damage due to the use of inappropriate cleaning products.
– Leasing to third parties or allowing frequent/long-term use by third parties.

What will be done to fix problems?
If SYRE determines that the components you have purchased are faulty and the defect is covered by this warranty, SYRE will, in its sole discretion, either repair or replace the faulty components with the same ones or with their analogues

How to submit a warranty claim
Contact your authorized SYRE seller to be assisted with the submission of a warranty claim. If you purchased your product on ridesyre.com, write an email to order@ridesyre.com

Emergency Replacement Policy
If you crashed and damaged a frame, fork or other SYRE component, you can get 40% off that day’s recommended retail price for a similar new component (with the exception of any kind of policy abuse determined by SYRE at its own discretion).

Return and exchange of goods
Within 14 days of purchase/receipt of the goods, you have the right to exchange or return it.

The goods must be returned to us in perfect condition, in original packaging and accompanied by original accompanying documents. The original packaging must be completely intact. SYRE cannot accept returns if the packaging has been damaged and documents have been forged in any way. The cost of delivery of the returned goods is paid at the customer’s expense.

Refunds to customers will be made within two weeks on the credit/bank card of the customer, the original payment was made from on ridesyre.com website. Additional duties or taxes, as well as shipping costs are not refundable.

Privacy Policy
SYRE is a personal data processor in relation to services. “Personal data” means any information that may be directly or indirectly related to a living individual.

SYRE uses personal data primarily to administer, provide, develop services, process your orders and communicate with you. By providing us with your personal data and accepting the applicable terms and conditions, you agree to the processing of your personal data.

The law of the Russian Federation requires consent to the processing of personal data before processing begins.

If you add personal data about other people, you are responsible for SYRE to also be able to process this personal data in accordance with the applicable privacy terms.

SYRE uses subcontractors and personal data may be shared with such subcontractors. Our subcontractors process your personal data only on behalf of SYRE, in accordance with our instructions and only after they have entered into a data processing agreement in accordance with applicable law so that we can ensure a high level of protection of your personal data.

SYRE may disclose personal data to third parties, such as police or other public authorities, in case of a crime investigation or if otherwise obliged to disclose such information under the law of the Russian Federation or a court decision.

SYRE uses Secure Socket Layers (SSL) when processing orders.

Cookie policy
SYRE website uses Cookies. By not disabling cookies in your browser and continuing to use this website, you agree to our use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy.

SYRE uses cookies that identify the device, thereby allowing the website to track customers’ personal settings. This helps to improve the quality of our customer service. Cookies help solve statistical problems.

Cookies are small text files that are sent and stored on your device (mobile phone, computer or tablet) and that are widely distributed on the Internet. Some cookies are necessary to allow you to use the full functionality of the website, while others are used to improve your user experience and facilitate navigation on the website.

If you opt out of cookies, it may cause digital services not to work properly.

Using Cookies, the SYRE website recognizes your device when you visit us again, and you avoid providing certain data every time you use SYRE digital services. Cookies also help SYRE customize services to suit your needs.

You agree to the use of SYRE Cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy by continuing to use the website and browser in which Cookies are permitted to use Cookie.